Malignant Conditions

Malignancy is a tendency of some medical conditions, mainly tumors and as the time passes, it started becoming more and more worse, and probably results in death. This is generally familiar to the cancer. Generally, malignant word is used to define the conditions which are getting inferior. For the cancer, it normally means that the tumor is increasing or growing which affects the nearby situated healthy tissues and, which it might metastasize. There are several malignant conditions that can affect one or more systems of the body.

The body systems that are affected from the malignant condition:

Before assessing the malignant conditions, all the information must be available regarding to the extent of this condition. Such information contains the site of primary and any secondary, results of any kind of surgery and also the effect of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. For instance, in case of the rectums accepted carcinoma there might be rectum’s surgical resection with colostomy, the secondary distribution of cancer to spine and lungs and also the radiotherapy having a few resultant disturbances.

A malignant tumor is the one which is persistent and it may reach to the other parts of body. Those tumors which remains localized and do not spread out are known as benign. This tumor grows or increase quite large and are also quite harmful, but generally they do not spread from the lymph vessels or blood stream to the other parts of body. Though the term malignant is frequently used to describe the conditions of the cancer but all the malignant conditions are not cancerous. For instance, the term malignant hypertension is used to define the blood pressure which is actually very high and in this context there is no connection of this malignant with the cancer. In the same way, the malignant hyperthermia is used to define the dangerous situation or condition in which the patient gets the very high fever which is developed at the time of surgery along with normal anesthesia.

The malignant hypertension is the blood pressure which is extremely high and it comes suddenly. This disorder generally affects at least 1% of those patients who are having the high blood pressure and it is mostly common in the adults. It may also arise in those people who are having some kidney problems, collagen vascular disorders and the toxemia of pregnancy. A great risk might occur for the malignant hypertension if you are having the renal hypertension which is caused by the renal artery stenosis or kidney failure. The symptoms of the malignant hypertension are blurred vision, cough, chest pain, headache, reduced urine, and change in the mental status like you might feel anxious, restless or confuse etc. to prevent this condition, you have to examine your blood pressure carefully and take all the medicines at the proper time that helps in reducing the risk. You must have to eat those things which are healthy and are low in fat and salt. Malignant Hyperthermia is also a condition which is not at all connected with the cancer and is just a situation in which a person gets very high fever.