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International Patients

  • International standard at par with European & American hospitals.
  • Low cost treatment, better outcome.
  • Highly experienced BMT Experts.
  • Dedicated teams for International Patients.

BMT Research Labs

BMT Research Lab is a must for any BMT Programme and Research.

Donor selection for fully HLA Matched family donor and specially half matched family donor require not only high end diagnostic equipment, it also requires facilities for preservation of the donated stem cells, keeping all this in mind, BMT Research labs has been developed with the following facilities :
  • Magnetic Separation of Cells using MACS Technology
  • Long term cryopreservation of stem cells at -1960C liquid nitrogen freezer in vapour phase
  • HLA typing, NK cell genotyping and CD34 + stem cell estimation
  • Comprehensive donor selection for Haploidentical BMT based on NK-KIR profile
  • NK cell and mesenchymal cell cultures and cell therapy
  • Molecular diagnosis for leukemia
  • Flowcytometry based diagnostics for leukemia, lymphoma and Aplastic anemia
  • Detection of Minimal Residual Disease (MRD)
  • Conventional and Real Time PCR for Viral Pathogens